Patrick Morrison

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Perth, Western Australia

This is the Orion Nebula. 1344 light-years away and still one of the most visible nebulae in the sky. The bright washed out core is lit by the glow of newly born stars, with some still in the process of formation. Maybe one day another boy on another world orbiting one of these stars will point his telescope at the sky, and past the wisps of hydrogen gas that envelop his world he may see a point of light.  Once every year the little light would dim, just for a moment and only very slightly, but that little change could mean the world. In this case, it does: it means our world. In that instant all the beauty and majesty of our entire existence would sit right on the line between his world and our star, and all it would mean, all it would amount to is a subtle dimming of starlight.
A fossil ammonite from Sydney, Australia. These became extinct the 66 million years ago in the K-Pg extinction event, along with the dinosaurs.